Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well my new year's resolution was to find balance. So I started the year out with this awesome schedule that planned out my entire day, hour by hour, from 5:30am until 5:30am the next morning. Yes, I even planned out when I would sleep!!! I organized the schedule so that certain chores would be done on certain days and therefore the house would always be clean. Well, today none of the chores were done and there are 2 huge baskets of clean laundry at the end of my bed. Well, at least the clothes are clean! I scheduled my weekly shopping trip to the grocery store to be at 7am on Sunday morning and I would not go to the store again until the next Sunday. Well, yesterday I ended up at Target! I planned to go to the gym everyday at 4:30 after work. Well, the kids don't like going to KidsPlex so I ended up going at 5:00am instead while they were still snuggled in bed sound asleep! My plan was to cook and eat healthy, nutritious meals 3 times per day everyday. Well, today we ate Chick fil A for dinner! I have had to revamp my entire, strategically thought out life schedule well because life happens!

Today I......
went to the gym at 5:15am/Body Pump at 5:30am
dropped Taylor off at school
went to work
picked Dylan up from school
washed 1 load/dryed 1 load
played Wii (Mario Kart) with Dylan for 2 hours (He is addicted!!)
helped Taylor with math homework and quizzed her for her math, reading, spelling, vocabulary, and language arts test tomorrow
baked chocolate chip cookies for the kids
read to Dylan for 20 minutes over warm cookies
listed to Taylor read to me over warm cookies
got the phone call that there is NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!

Although I did not feel extremely productive today because there is still so much to be done, looking back, so much was done!

Because of the phone call canceling school, my kids are still up way past their bedtime and I am about to watch the BAMA game with hubbie!

MY LIFE.......Gotta Love IT!!!!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day in the life of a Mommy!! had a GREAT day!!
    SO glad you are back in blogland my friend!!!