Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loooong Weekend!!!

School was cancelled Friday due to icy roads. We also got a little bit of snow. Snow always = FUN for kids! Here are a some photos of Taylor, Dylan, and Cooper enjoying the snow.

Taylor trying to gather enough snow to make a snowball.

Dylan trying to gather enough snow to make a snowball.

Cooper posing for the camera!

After playing in the snow, we went in and drank hot chocolate in front of the fire! Great Times!! We spent the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) at home. It was great! I did leave the house each day to go to the gym. I thought twice about going Saturday morning in 13 degrees wind chill of zero weather, but after an hour of Body Combat I had no regrets! The rest of the weekend included lots of cleaning, organizing, cooking, napping and football. The kids baked us yummy strawberry cupcakes on Saturday. I tried out two new recipes that I saw on the Food Network....Stuffed Turkey Burgers and Grilled Broccoli. The turkey burgers were yummy. They were stuffed with pepper jack cheese and topped with a house sauce that gave them a spicy twist. The grilled broccoli was not so yummy. The marinade was not a hit at all. Tomorrow I am trying a new recipe for chili. I hope it turns out great because we love chili.

School has been cancelled again tomorrow because of icy conditions; however my kids have been "home schooled" all weekend. Taylor has been working on study island and compass in addition to her workbooks. Dylan has been working on reading and math out of his workbooks. More "home" school tomorrow for them! I guess that's one of the joys of having a mother that is a teacher!

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  1. Hey I recognize Taylor's pants :-)

    Too cute!! Such fun!! Nope, my kiddos didn't get a learning break either.

    Love the pictures!!!