Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to the Hustle and Bustle

We all went back to work and school today. My day started out with a 5am workout and has been nonstop ever since. My graduate classes started back up yesterday and my books were on my doorstep when I got home from work. Reality has set in. I am taking 4 classes again this semester, but my goal is to have a masters degree in July! Last semester I took 4 classes and earned a 3.8 GPA with kids, work, husband, etc. I wonder why I did not show the same dedication in undergrad when I had NO responsibilities (not even a job). Oh I know, I pledged a sorority and spent too much time partying!!!

This morning my husband confirmed that we are definitely going to Ohio this weekend.....aaack. Those of you who know me well are fully aware of how anal (oh I mean organized I am), and how everything has to be in place before I go out of town. My to do list has just gotten 2 pages longer.....oil change, get truck cleaned, clean house, laundry, pack, rethink menu so that the food such as milk, bread, etc. does not go to waste, dog sitter, lesson plans for Friday, contact teachers for makeup work for Friday, haircut for Dylan, class assignments, etc., etc., etc., ...........! Essentially everything that would've or could've been done over the course of this week and the weekend has to be done before 6am Friday morning which really means Thursday night. No sleep for me this week.

I logged on to the computer to check the 7 day weather forecast for Cincinnati and I ended up here so enough blogging........much to do.......Gotta love it!!!

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